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Welcome! The Women of Wartime Project has been created to increase awareness and recognition of the wars currently being waged on American and Afghan women by the United States policymakers. The moderators of this blog believe that education is a powerful weapon, and hope that we can have some effect on peoples’ opinions and knowledge simply by showing them the stories, faces, and struggles of women in the U.S. and in Afghanistan. When we start to see and understand the violence and sexism that the United States has been perpetuating on its own soil and in Afghanistan, we can start to fight back.

Please note that this is not an anti-American blog. It is, rather, a place to present the true facts and stories that may otherwise go unnoticed. This blog is not politically affiliated; it is concerned only with the convenient spread of information.

The Women of Wartime Project is extremely new, and it will take some time to get this thing going! To contact the moderator with questions/feedback/suggestions, please use the ASK link. To submit an article (professional or your own work) please use the SUBMIT link, and provide your source (for professional articles) or the credentials you’d like to see alongside your work. Please do the same for all images, statistics, or songs. All submissions will be reviewed by the moderators.   If you believe your submission should be approved and still haven’t seen it, contact us! We may be waiting to post it at a better time.